Caroline: Written for me Grandma on her birthday, March 6th 2014

September 22nd, 2018


It would have been my Grandma’s 93rd birthday today! She was very special to me and it’s been the hardest grief that I’ve been through. I pray that it will help me when I go through grieving other very special people in my life as death is something that is a worry of mine and such a horrible thing to me. I pray also that God can help me feel a peace and acceptance about death. I’ve been thinking of Grandma today. I hoped for a song to come on that reminded me of her and Breakthrough by Colbie Calliat did as the very next song just whilst I was driving past the green man, which was a pub that we went to with her every now and then. I want to write down a few of my memories of her rather than to just be sad so here goes- Unconditional love and acceptance Fairy cakes Toad in the whole Young at heart and funny Lovely Her hands and nails Cuddly Her garden and flowers Amber Blackbirds and Robins (Grandpa) The daily mail

I’ve got so many little bits of hers around me; jewellery, cutlery, clothes. And I’m so grateful for all the lovely memories I have and can keep. She got to meet Oscar, her great grandson and he bought so much joy to her. She would loved to have seen what a cheeky little pea he still is! Love you Grandma xxx

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