September 21st, 2018

Oscar’s recently moved up to the yellow group. He’s been feeling scared about it but he’s been doing so well. We’ve talked about how it’s hard when you move up a group/learn something new but then you get better at it and it becomes easier. I can see him better now that he’s in the middle or big pool, which I love. I am so proud of him and my heart feels like it bursts with love and pride. Yesterday he jumped into the deep end and swam on his back half way across. I can see his confidence growing each week and the teacher has been thoughtful and caring towards him. He was proud of learning a new skill, by accident, yesterday; floating on his back in the deep end gently moving his legs and hands. When he spotted me he waved and we blew kisses at each other. I love being able to watch them all getting direction from another teacher/parent from afar. They melt my heart.

Caroline X

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