The 139 Mix Tape

July 18th, 2011

I recently posted about the Definitive Daft Punk mashup. This is from the same guy: a 139 track, 45 minute mashup of the songs that have influenced him. I've listened to it quite a few times over the last month. Its got some magic moments, and features lots of music that was going around me as I grew up (although I didn't actually listen to much music until my late teens).

The last 5 minutes is particularly cool. There's a wonderfully cheesy bit, then about 1m30 from the end a mashup of two songs that got me confused. I recognised the lyrics being sung, but had no idea where from. I went on a hunt and discovered the song featured in the bouncy-balls Sony Bravia advert is actually an acoustic cover of an 80s dance track! It's the original dancey version that features in this mashup.

The most frustrating aspect of the mix is the sense of being teased with a track that never comes to fruition. The mix has helped me understand what I love about long-form mixes – the teasing that comes with little motifs, almost subliminal, so that when the track is actually played it feels as though it's been straining to escape, and has finally been released.

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