Tron: Legacy – Audio Awesome Soundtrack Mix

May 13th, 2011

I was brought up on Star Wars (by my older brothers), and listened to the movie audio many times, doing my paper round. The music is fantastic; the way it carries the mood and feel of the story. Despite having listened to the audio over and over, I can’t recite swathes of the script like many Star Wars fans. I think this might be because I mostly ignored the dialogue, and enjoyed the intermingling of the sound effects with the music. Many of the sound effects in Star Wars are quite musical, and tie in with the sound track to create a more powerful overall effect.

I’ve also been a lover of Daft Punks music for a while. Their live album Alive 2007 is my most favourite album of all time. I was so excited when I discovered they were working on the soundtrack for the new Tron movie. I’ve not been disappointed – I love the experimentation they’ve done. They’ve explored an orchestral sound, mixed with their traditional electronic beats.

The whole of Tron: Legacy ties together so well visually, musically and aurally. So, rather than produce a pure music edit that’s faithful to the film, I selectively blended in the audio from the movie to increase the power of some moments.

Despite not being able to perfect all parts – some of the music is simply missing from the released soundtracks, or too different to be able to mix between the soundtrack and movie audio – I’m pretty pleased with the results. You can download the mix here.

Download whole album (128MB)

Preview of one of the tracks – Rinzler

Please support the movie and Daft Punk by buying the source material.

Here is the making of article, in which I explain how I produced my edit.

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