Oscar John Russell

Oscar John Russell
Oscar John Russell

Oscar John Russell was born at 0015, 5th February 2012 (by c-section). He weighed in at a hefty 4.28kg (that’s 9 lb 7!). It was a long labour, and very tiring for Caroline, but Oscar was calm and healthy throughout, and Caroline did a tremendous job!

Thanks everyone for moral support, prayers and well-wishing.

Especially big thanks to John, our neighbour, for stepping in where our car failed, to my mum for coming down from Rotherham to help but then being stuck alone for 13 hours in the hospital 🙁 and to the midwives, doctors, anaesthetist and many assistants at The Lister delivery unit that got Oscar out of Caroline safely.

Thanks for joining in our labour!

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22:00 on 2nd February 2012

Labour yet?

Caroline has been having twinges and progressively worse back pain for SIX days. Tonight we started to worry. By pressing my ear to Caroline’s belly, I could hear Oscar’s heartbeat. It’s strong and regular and a huge source of relief.

Tomorrow, Caroline will see the midwife to get an update on progress.

19:30 on 3rd February 2012

Labour has started! (Sort of)

The midwife confirmed that Oscar is fine (phew! Is this what the next 18 years are going to be like?!) and tells us Caroline has entered the first phase of the first stage of labour. Her body is getting ready, and contractions are irregular. Oscar is a little bit back-to-back so that’s why she feels the pain in her back.

Caroline is trying to get rested before the next phase.

19:46 on 3rd February 2012

Explanation of stages of labour

This whole pregnancy thing is soo complicated, and explanations are soo varied. We’ve pieced together what’s happening.

This post sums it up pretty well. There are three stages to labour.

  1. build up
  2. pushing and birth
  3. delivering the placenta

The first stage has multiple phases (2 or 3 depending who you ask), but given how variable it all is, the distinction between the two phases of the first stage seems somewhat arbitrary.

Anyway, Caroline has been having irregular contractions for a few days, but because Oscar is a little bit back-to-back she feels the contractions in her back, rather than her front. They’ve been fairly strong since yesterday evening.

We don’t know how long it’ll be before we need to go to hospital. It could be in a few hours, or maybe I’ll be back at work on Monday and we’ll still be waiting! (Every day this week it’s been a surprise that I’m at work.)

For now, we’re gonna chill and play Lego Star Wars (in short bursts between contractions).

23:21 on 3rd February 2012

No news

Caroline managed to get a few hours sleep this evening. And I watched Jeremy Clarkson and James May drive to the North Pole.

She’s having contractions again, but still irregular, so probably try and sleep again soon.

Thanks for your prayers and well-wishes.

10:54 on 4th February 2012

Still no news

Caroline had contractions until 4 this morning, and has managed to get some good sleep since then. Still no sign of Oscar!

I think she’s going for the record of longest labour in history.

13:49 on 4th February 2012

We’re going to the hospital

Contractions are about every 5 minutes, but still in her back, and not so strong she can’t talk… So still not sure that this is it!

She’ll be examined and I’ll update with the result of that.

15:31 on 4th February 2012

Let down by the car

The last hour has been the scariest. Caroline and Oscar are fine and hooked up to a monitor. It says Caroline is in 40% pain. And Oscar’s heart is going at 147 beats/minute.

I went to get the car and it wouldn’t start!! I think the battery is flat. Our fantastic neighbours came to our rescue and got us to the hospital.

After they’ve monitored Caroline and Oscar for a while they’ll examine Caroline and see if she’s in full on (i.e. no-going-back) labour, or if the contractions will ease off again…

Caroline is being really brave, but it’s all quite scary and unknown.

16:42 on 4th February 2012

Oscar is on his way!

Oscar is on his way!

Turns out Caroline is fully dilated and will be pushing soon. We were expecting to be sent home again. The midwife was very surprised to find Oscar’s head when she examined Caroline!

We’re in the delivery room and will probably start pushing at about 6.

Caroline has done so well to have gotten this far at home. She’s in the birthing pool now, enjoying floating around.

17:03 on 4th February 2012

The quiet before the storm

The quiet before the storm

Caroline is still in the birthing pool and is much more tranquil. Her contractions aren’t very long, but she’ll be onto the pushing stage soon, and Oscar should be out by 1900 (but as with all of pregnancy, there’s no guarentees!)

At 6 she’ll be examined and probably start pushing. I’m very excited. Caroline is tired (after a long week of contractions and struggling to sleep). She’s doing so good 🙂

Here’s a picture of me and ‘Oscar’ 😉

18:53 on 4th February 2012

Waters have been broken

Waters were broken at about 1815, and Oscar is well on his way, but contractions aren’t very long so Caroline’s having a hard time pushing. We’re considering having a drip to make them stronger.* *

He’s pretty chilled, still 🙂

20:02 on 4th February 2012

Still going

We’re still going. We’re considering having a drip again to get the contractions going stronger.

Caroline is doing so well, but it’s been going on a long time now, and she’s getting tired. I’m very proud of her 😀

22:06 on 4th February 2012

Sixth time lucky and the drip is in

Now let’s get this baby out!

22:33 on 4th February 2012

Next stage starts at 11

Oscar has until 11 to arrive, otherwise we’ll start considering an instrumental delivery or Caesarian-section.

He’s still doing very well with a good heartbeat. Caroline is tired from a very long second stage of delivery (over 6 hours now!)

All doing fine but would like to be done soon!

Thanks for all your messages and prayers

0:05 on 5th February 2012

Preparing for theatre

Preparing for theatre

We’re all fine. Caroline is very tired but not been in bad pain. She’s being prepared for theatre now. They’ll do an epidural then try instrumental and do c-section if that doesn’t work.

Oscar’s head is a bit skewif, which is maybe why its been a difficult delivery.

Looks like Oscar’s birthday will be Feb 5, not 4th :p

0:25 on 5th February 2012



Oscar John Russell was born at 0015 February 5, 2012 (by c-section) everyone is happy and well!