Joshua Micheal Russell

Joshua Micheal Russell was born at 0710, 10th June 2014. He weighed a rather hefty 3.97kg (8lb 12). This time, the labour was over pretty quickly! Again, Caroline skipped all the build up, and was fully-dilated when we got to the hospital, and from there the delivery went fairly smoothly. It was tough on Caroline though, because she was low on iron, fluids and sleep before even starting the birth! So she spent one night in hospital recovering.

Thanks everyone for moral support, prayers and well-wishing.

Especially big thanks to Nan-Nan, for already being at our house to look after Oscar! He had lots of fun with walks and ice cream, waiting to meet his baby brother.

6:03 on 10th June 2014

Here we go!

Contractions started at 4, and waters broke. We’re at the hospital, now and turns out… She’s fully dilated!

Started pushing, so they want to see the baby within an hour!

6:29 on 10th June 2014


Caroline’s really pushing now! Making good progress. He’s hairy!

6:51 on 10th June 2014

I can see the head!

Still pushing, but I can see the head now. We’re heading into the endgame. Caroline is in position and they’ve taken half the bed away!

7:10 on 10th June 2014

Mini man

Born at 0710. 8lb 12. Mummy is exhausted!

7:32 on 10th June 2014

Almost 4kg

Mini man is getting weighed. He’s almost 4kg, or 8lb 12 (it may look like he weighs a little more in the pic, but his wriggling is making the scales wobble)

7:41 on 10th June 2014

Daddy gets a cuddle

His face is less podgy than Oscar’s was, but still a hairy mister! He’s having a nice look around.

9:31 on 10th June 2014

Happy Daddy

16:23 on 10th June 2014

We’ve moved to the main ward

Caroline’s on the mend, and we’ve moved to the main post-natal ward. Joshua would like to say hi (as best as he can)