Oscar’s first week at home

February 14th, 2012

Oscar’s been home for a week now, and we’ve been having lots of fun.

Daddy wasted no time in getting Oscar started on computer programming.

Oscar received lots of presents (thanks everyone!) but the most interesting came from Daddy’s work. We were intrigued by the label ‘Nappy Cake’, but presently surprised by the insides. It’s nappies, baby grows and other paraphernalia formed into a wedding cake model.

Nan-nan and Aunty Sarah came to visit, and Sarah helped us take some family portraits. Here’s the funnest, but you can check out the rest here.

Oscar had his first bath (after making a mess of our new carpet. Mummy and Daddy will be much more careful in the future!)

And his first trip out was to the post box.

After that overwhelming trip to the post box, Oscar had fun in the Jungle Gym. You can tell how much he loves it because he isn’t crying.

And finally, we went for a big day out, to a lady-shop (Matalan), a man-shop (Wickes) and Oscar’s first Starbucks.

2 Responses to “Oscar’s first week at home”

  1. Great Aunty Lindsay says:

    Brill lots of love Great Aunty Lindsay xx

  2. Janinerussell47 says:

    Fabulous …more please.. I heard he’s met some more rellies and been to the park!

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