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July 4th, 2012

This long article in Wired explains the history of Anonymous, and how it turned from a decentralized group looking for lulz, into political activists over the last couple of years.

They started out doing weird stuff online, but went on to have very real-world impacts.

For example:

Some who supported #optunisia were themselves Tunisians, including Slim Amamou, an outspoken blogger. After Amamou was arrested on January 6, 2011, the anons on the #optunisia IRC channel barely slept as they waited for word. But eight days later, the regime fell, and Amamou was appointed a minister in the new government.

2011 was an exciting year, with the Arab Spring, Lulzsec, Occupy and London’s riots. 2012 seems quiet so far, but things have started changing, like the news that ACTA is struggling to gain any ground in Europe.

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