Apple Store may be shifting from customer experience to profit machine →

August 29th, 2012

This is sad news about Apple’s retail stores. The thing that’s fascinating about Apple is their dedication to being great. I can’t help believing they’re getting it wrong here.

The Apple stores are so successful in terms of revenue, but don’t get that good margins (i.e. they spend a lot on the stores and staff). Maybe the costs have gotten a bit silly, and all we’re seeing is self-control. But surely the retail stores do more than sell directly. Their presence improves Apple’s image and provides a contact-point for any potential customer, regardless of whether they actually make the purchase elsewhere or online. How many purchases have been made outside the retail stores, but because of the retail stores?

It’s also hard to feel excited when the new guy in charge of Apple retail is he previous head of Dixons (and Currys and PC World). Who is well served by going to those shops?!

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