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October 12th, 2012

Crikey, Britishisms are everywhere. Call it Anglocreep. Call it annoying. Snippets of British vernacular — “cheers” as a thank you, “brilliant” as an affirmative, “loo” as a bathroom…

The next time an American “mate” asks you to “ring” her on her “mobile” about renting your “flat” during your “holiday,” it’s fair to ask, have we all become Madonna?

Apparently, Americans are watching too many BBC TV shows. And they like to sound posh.

2 Responses to “American is becoming English”

  1. Wow, that’s amusing 😛 So used to the opposite.

  2. fredsherbet says:

    Yeah, funny to see it from the other side.

    Here’s the reverse article, in a British publication 😛

    Although many of them don’t seem to be Americanisms just digressions of language in general, and business-speak

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