NHS Midwives recommending homeopathy?!

June 13th, 2014

I’m pretty shocked that the midwife at Lister Hospital recommended Arnica Tablets. Caroline sent me off to get some, and I came back with a £7.50 tub of sugar pills, labelled “Homeopathic medicinal product without approved therapeutic indications”.

After looking into it, it turns out Arnica is a poisonous plant, and the only arnica tablets you can get are homeopathic (if they actually contained any arnica they’d be poisonous!)

And it looks like lots of healthcare professionals recommend them!

3 Responses to “NHS Midwives recommending homeopathy?!”

  1. Willliam says:

    I ate 120 of the tablets last night, for science. They were pretty bland, not even particularly sweet. Like eating flavourless smarties or something.

    Apparently, at this dilution level (30C), you’d need to eat 2 billion tablets a second for 24 billion billion years to get a single molecule that was once in an Arnica plant!

  2. fredsherbet says:

    I looked it up on Wikipedia, and come away impressed that they can achieve these dilution levels.

    “30C: 1 ml in 1,191,016 cubic light years”

  3. fredsherbet says:

    And I guess that explains the insane price 😛

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