Russell’s April 2016

April 29th, 2016

I haven’t written a blog/posted photos in quite a while so thought I’d do a little overview…

April already wow wee .. Just trying to organise my 30th birthday party and starting to become a bit panicked because we’re heading towards May! We’ve had plenty of scarlet fever, coughs, colds and chicken pox so far this year and our biggest decision/prayer point at the moment is whether to home school Oscar for a couple of years!? To be decided…

Oscar adventures recently *still loving climbing and gymnastic activities. *improving lots on his computer games and iPad (although that’s limited by mummy to an hour a day unless we’re on a long car journey/need it as our back up.) *getting changed by himself and often getting ready by the door before Mummy and Daddy! *chatting lots and asking lots of why questions-We both love seeing how he is learning and working things out.

Joshua adventures recently *becoming cheeky and funny. He’s understanding different social clues, e.g. That if he does something funny, we laugh and he repeats. *loves climbing, running and playing with balls still. *starting to become independent with his play i.e having his own stories and what seems like more purpose to his actions (although children have purpose from babies.) *putting 2/3 words together to make a sentence and asking ‘what’s that?!’ lots.


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