Dark Knight Rises soundtrack

July 13th, 2012

I’ve been listening to bits of the soundtrack for Dark Knight Rises over the last couple of days. It’s really good. It’s very familiar from Dark Knight’s soundtrack, but more aggressive and soaring.

Batman Begins had a fairly restrained soundtrack, reflecting Bruce Wayne searching for Batman’s identity. Dark Knight felt more complete, and introduced Joker’s uncertainty. Dark Knight Rises takes that solidification of Batman’s identity a step further, embodying Gotham’s Dark Knight.

I found Dark Knight’s soundtrack left me wanting. The aggressive tracks ended just as they felt like they were going to get going. Dark Knight Rises brings that conclusion.

Bane’s influence is good. Joker gave the soundtrack a reckless, unsettling feel. Bane brings a solidity, and sometimes military precision.

If the soundtracks reflect the progression of the movies, the final installments of Nolan’s Batman trilogy is going to be awesome.

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