August 2nd, 2012

I think I just read the worst spoiler I’ve ever read. The earliest I could get tickets to see Dark Knight Rises at IMAX, after figuring out what to do with Oscar, was 18 August; one full month after the movie was released. I’ve been diligently limiting access to discussion, comments, trailers etc, but made a slip up today.

[no spoilers here]

I read the linked to post. It didn’t mention there would be spoilers, and the first section wasn’t spoilery. Then I started reading the second section. I should have stopped as soon as I saw the words “One part of The Dark Knight Rises that did surprise me…” But I just didn’t think quick enough.

I don’t actually know if its a spoiler. I stopped as soon as I saw the word that made my head explode. I guess I’ll find out in just over 2 weeks.

By the way – please don’t respond to let me know any more information… I’m going to do my best to forget what I read, and not think about it. I just wanted to share the pain I experienced.

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