The Royal Wedding 2011

The Royal Wedding 2011
The Royal Wedding 2011

Some of Matthew’s family came down to London for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. We headed down the night before to try and find a good spot to soak up the atmosphere and be a part of the occasion.

While we were on the streets, I did my best to post updates and photos to the website.

We had lots of fun. It was really quite uncomfortable, trying to sleep in a camping chair. It got surprisingly cold in the early hours of the morning, and at about 0500 we were starting to wonder if it was a good idea. As it brightened and warmed, the crowd grew, and we all had fun. The all nighters and new comers got along, sharing experiences, in between stretching to catch a glimpse of royalty.

20:54 on 28th April 2011

We’re on our way in to London!

I’m Trying to work out how to put up pics here…

22:54 on 28th April 2011

We’ve found our spot

It’s near the Cenotaph, Downing Street and admiralty house (I think) which they'll go through to St James park.

23:46 on 28th April 2011

Here we are, all set for a long night

23:50 on 28th April 2011

Westminster Abbey was heaving.

Lots of tents and police. We headed down the route looking for other spots that we'd def get a good view.

0:17 on 29th April 2011

We’ve chosen a new spot

It’s nearer Buckingham Palace. There's lots of people here, but lots of space too 🙂 good atmosphere

0:21 on 29th April 2011

William’s getting us in a royal party mood.

4:57 on 29th April 2011

Mum and William look much cosier than they really are

9:30 on 29th April 2011

Mum, William, Sarah and Verity have front row seats

They’ve got a great view of the comings and goings from Buckingham Palace. (Caroline and Matthew are jumping to see from a few rows back.

9:51 on 29th April 2011

We have a friendly policeman looking after us

10:03 on 29th April 2011

This is the only interesting character we’ve spotted so far

10:17 on 29th April 2011

The groom is on his way!

Hope you have a fun day, Prince William 🙂

10:46 on 29th April 2011

The actual Queen!

I think this is the first time I've seen the Queen in real life. Although it was only through a lens 😛


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10:59 on 29th April 2011

This is a surprise

The bride, Kate Middleton, has just been by. We didn't expect her to come down The Mall. I got a fantastic photo of her, in her dress. Unfortunately, a tree got in the way.

11:25 on 29th April 2011

The ceremony is now in progress

We can hear it over the speakers. Many are singing along to the hymns. The crowd is still growing.

12:26 on 29th April 2011

William and Kate are married

They're on their way back to Buckingham Palace. I missed the happy couple, but did get the old couple – the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. The carriages are lovely.

13:29 on 29th April 2011

The rabble are allowed on to The Mall, now

We're getting ready to see the flyover

13:30 on 29th April 2011

Is it a hat, or a sculpture?!

13:33 on 29th April 2011

Yippeee to the RAF

The Lancaster bomber and 2 Spitfires were followed by 2 Typhoons with 2 Tornados, flying straight down The Mall to Buckingham Palace.

16:28 on 29th April 2011


It's all over. We've made it back safe, and catching up on sleep (and the parts of the wedding we couldn't see from the front line).

Sorry the updates have been late. My mobile internet stopped working when too many iPhones gathered in one place.