September 1st, 2010

Miyajima is an island near Hiroshima. It’s mostly a large park and some smallish mountains, but has many shrines and is home to the well known floating torii gate and shrine. It is also full of deer. We went on the ferry for a day trip, while staying in Hiroshima.

The deer are all over the place and very friendly. We were greeted by them as soon as we got off the ferry!

The shrines were interesting. Many Japanese people were praying at different parts of the shrines and temples.

And there are lots of different statues. One stairway had 500 little men, all with different expressions.

They seemed happy for us to explore and take photos. This was a dark room with lanterns all over the ceiling. Inside a lady was praying and donging a gong.

We still weren’t ready to face a whole mountain (no matter how much smaller than Fuji) so we just climbed a little way to see more deer and some nice views.

Before leaving, we had to try the oysters Miyajima is renowned for. We agreed it was probably an acquired taste.

Location:Miyajima, Japan

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